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14 April 2021
Green Mountain DigithON

Pitch Session

The morning pitch session provides innovative solution providers to present their technologiesdigital solution. If you are interested or want to hear more, you can book 1:1 meetings with them in the afternoon.

  •  VerVieVas: Hans Renzler
    Storytelling and visualization of complex topics using explanatory videos, infographics and graphic recording
  • Fybra-Fbp: Gaetano Lapenta
    Fybra: smart sensor with AI for indoor air quality
  • MRT Information Mangement GmbH: Patrick Winkler
    Digital Change Mangement: AI driven Product Development
  • voltWALL SAGL: Andrea Padoan
    xBlade: advanced multi-application energy storage module
  • ACP IT Solutions: Stefan Geisler
    Cloud Computing: benefits and implementation for SMEs
  • RECENDT - Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH: Robert Holzer
    Digitalization: a matter of sensing and real-life data
  • Demix International Consulting: Fabio Manenti
  • Airea Tech: Green technologies for the treatment of pollutant emissions

  • Pathadvice International GmbH: Michael Suitner
  • All-round solution for digital sales & consulting processes


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